Best-WordPress-Plugins-to-Boost-your-Website-TrafficThere is no doubt on the vastness of the SEO field and the knowledge you need in order to master it well. However, if you are seriously considering blogging or an online business, you will strive to improve your brand’s authorship and presence. The best way to do this is through SEO. There is no doubt search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are major traffic source for many websites. This is the main reason most users inquire for SEO plug-ins and tips that will assist improve their WordPress site’s SEO. Here are the best SEO WordPress plug-ins to help improve your site’s SEO.


  1. Yoast WordPress SEO

Yoast happens to be one of the most popular and downloaded WordPress plug-ins as at now. It is a rather comprehensive solution for on-site SEO needs. This platform gives you the liberty to add meta descriptions, meta keywords and SEO titles to each page and post of your site.

You can as well write your own custom titles for your primary site, category, tag pages and archives. It can as well add Twitter cards, meta data, ping search engines and sitemaps whenever updates are done on your site.

  1. Google Sitemap

This is an easy to use and powerful SEO plug-in. It enables you create and submit your sitemaps quickly to both Google and Bing webmaster tools. This plug-in is quite comfortable to use due to its simplicity and sustenance for numerous post formats. This means, if your theme provisions custom styles on content, then this platform will include them to your sitemap.

  1. LinkPatrol

This is a WordPress plug-in that is premium. It enables you control all links on your site. You can easily monitor each and every outgoing links from your website and even know the links that give out link juice.

It is not quite resource intensive as compared to other free plug-ins that equally perform the same task. It gives an efficient and quick way to clean all your spammy links, link juice problems and anchor texts, with a fast and in-built user interface.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken links tend to affect your site’s search engine optimization and create a bad experience for users. If at all you have been running your own blog for a while, you should consider checking your site occasionally for broken links in order to fix them.

The broken link checker is a WordPress plug-in that is free and enables you find links that are broken on your WordPress website.  From here, you can fix the links without having to edit your posts. This plug-in is highly useful but it may become resource intensive, thus slowing your server.

  1. Rank Reveal

This is a premium service that enables you find keywords that can be highly ranked in the future.  It allows you to detect long tail keywords that have low competition and high conversions. It uses the exclusive ranking data, which happens to be among the largest collections in relation to ranking data. It frequently monitors search engines for the main purpose of website ranking.

You can as well monitor the competitors ranking on their keywords. You can then use them to enhance your site in order to get great results. In addition, it provides tracking for local ranks and supports more than one hundred and seventy countries. All in all, it is quite impressive- if used appropriately, it will assist you obtain a great ranking.

  1. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

Once you link it to an external website, you are giving away some level of authority your site has over that link. If that is not your intention, then consider adding a no-follow feature to the link. Essentially, you can consider making the external links on your site no-follow in WordPress. It is not much of a great idea, as at times, you may consider giving a do-follow link for the case of helpful sites.

This is a WordPress plug-in that is simple (adds the checkbox to WordPress’ insert link popup). The popup has a checkbox that allows you to open various links in new tabs. Whenever you intend to add an external link, just make it no-follow by checking a box.

  1. WP Social SEO Booster

This plug-in is meant to make your site social friendly. Google considers social signals when it comes to ranking web pages. This means you should take steps to make your site social and user friendly. A few of the crucial things include adding Twitter metadata, adding micro-data, using Google authorship and adding the social-media sharing buttons. It gives you the opportunity of quickly performing the tasks with a few clicks. It easily integrates with well-known SEO plug-ins such as Yoast.

  1. SEO Friendly Image Plug-in

In order to boost your sites visitors and get a lot of traffic, you need to optimize your images. Do not forget that search bots have no expression and don’t feel. All they can do is simply read the text. For them to know there is an image in the text, you need to provide title tags and alternate texts. This WordPress plug-in instantly adds title tags and alternate to every image on your posts, then uses your post title as keyword and implement it. This makes your article valid.


A quality SEO WordPress plugin is compulsory for every WordPress site. These plugins are currently being used by many websites globally. Recently, professional bloggers, online magazines, internet marketing companies and online businesses use it to expand and run their business on the internet. Ensure you use good quality SEO plugin to reap maximum benefit. It is highly recommended to at least use one plug-in per site and Yoast should definitely top your priority plugin list.